Many of Us don’t Know that…(Part 1)

* Keeping the names of the angels (e.g. Jibraeel, Mikaaeel etc.) is makrooh. It is best that one keeps the names of the Ambiyaa and Sahaabah.

* It is Makrooh to eat or drink whilst standing.

* Zawaal refers to the time where the sun moves away from the zenith. When the sun is at the zenith, it is called waqt ul istiwaa.

* It is not preferable for the Imam to lengthen the Ruku’ briefly when hearing someone entering the Masjid to join the Salaah.

* It is impermissible to give a street dog a dead corpse of a chicken or any other animal which is found dead to eat.

* If one is not in his correct frame of mind (i.e. he is not in his senses), then he is not responsible for performing Salaah.

* If one sitting in sunnah i’tikaaf left the masjid with the intention of sunnat ghusl on Friday, the i’tikaaf will break.

* If a Sajdah is heard in the state of Haidh, the Sajdah will not be Wajib. But the Sajdah will be Wajib if heard in the state of Janaabah. However the Sajdah will be made after one is paak.

* It is permissible to discharge the Sadaqatul Fitr before the month of Ramadhan but it is better to discharge in the month of Ramadhan.

* After the demise of the wife, the husband is not allowed to touch her body. However he is allowed to look at the face of his wife.

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