Maslaki Ikhtilaaf Ko Jhagre Ka Sabab Na Banao by Mufti Tariq Masood

Bayan – Maslaki Ikhtilaaf Ko Jhagre Ka Sabab Na Banao


Speaker – Mufti Tariq Masood


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Namaz Mein Seene Par Hath Bandhna Sunnat Nahi [Hanbali Proofs]

Sometimes, Gair Muqallideen show the video of prayer in Makkah and says that it is the practice of the people where Islam spread from and it is the only correct method to offer Namaz, and they try to prove that Hanafi are against the practice of the people in Makkah and Madina. As a result, the individual unknown to this mas’ala gets upset and after thinking a little and listening to the futile talk of a Gair Muqallid, he starts to put his hands on chest, doing rafa-ul-yadain, saying amin aloud etc. The only mistake he does is that he don’t go to an Expert in Deen to know the reality. If you comes to such an problem, first contact to any Alim, expert in this field. He will tell you why the difference is found among the practice of various people.

By the way, Here is a video which have many proofs to clarify that placing hands on chest is not sunnah. Must watch it and know the reality.

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