Many of Us don’t Know that…(Part 2)

* It is impermissible to give food which contain Haram ingredients to human beings, animals or any other creature. It should be disposed off.

* Namaaz is makruh if the jubba does not cover the elbows.

* It is impermissible for a person to attend the performances and shows of magicians and illusionists.

* A Muslim is not allowed to appoint a non-Muslim as the executor of his will.

* In Itikaaf, a person should not leave masjid for a sunnah ghusl. Instead when he leaves to go to the toilet, he should have a shower quickly & return.

* If a person’s fast recitation is not clear or the rules of tajwid are not followed then reciting Qur’an fast is not permissible.

* Men are only allowed to wear silver rings that weigh less than one Mithqal (approximately 4.374 g).

* The ‘Taraweeh dua’ people recite after every four rakats is not a sunnah nor is it mustahab. One may recite any dua, do any dhikr in the interval.

* It is permissible to give Qurbani meat to Muslims and non-Muslims.

* Oysters, crabs, lobsters, squids are all impermissible to consume in the Hanafi school of Fiqah.

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