Tahaffuz-e-Sunnat wa Azmat-e-Sahaba Conference (December 2013)

Tahaffuz-e-Sunnat wa Azmat-e-Sahaba conference was held in Mumbai in December, 2013. In this conference, many great scholars delivered lecture on various topics. A fitna of the era named Gair Muqallidiyat & authenticity of Fiqh, Importance of Sunnah & Status of Sahaba was explained very well. So we are sharing those precious lectures with our visitors.

(1) Hazrat Maulana Yahya Naumani Sahab

(2) Hazrat Maulana Faroqi Sahab

(3) Hazrat Mufti Saeed Sahab Palanpuri

(4) Maulana Rashid Azmi Sahab

(5) Maulana Khalid Saifullah Sahab

(6) Hazrat Maulana Ubaidullah Asadi Sahab

Source: Alijma.org


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